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A little history...

Claire Digman graduated from Southern Illinois University with her Bachelor's Degrees in both Psychology and Administration of Justice.  She also earned a Master's Degree in Social Work.  Claire's academic background gave her a foundation to understand the complexities of both human and animal behavior. She began working with internationally renowned canine trainer, Behesha Doan of Extreme K-9 and spend 3 years under her leadership to develop her skills and gain a high standard for the potential of behaviorally challenged dogs. Claire was able to benefit from her mentorship in various dog training specialities, including obedience, off leash reliability, service dog work, detection, tracking and agility. Claire has worked with hundreds of dogs as both a trainer of pets and of service dogs. She continues to work with Behesha Doan and This Able Veteran as a Service Dog Trainer and Instructor. Claire moved to State College, PA in 2013 and began private dog training and building a vision for Digman Canine Academy.

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